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Your website is an investment and not an expense

You will see the benefits of a website. Your printing expenses will be reduced, your customer service will be improved, your sales will increase, your business will gain additional notoriety, and so on. The Web is a borderless world that is accessible at all times. Your website will never be closed, unlike your shop. Your web page can sell and answer questions independently.

The ease of updating and distribution

A big advantage of the Web Vs paper media is that it is simple and inexpensive to update. You can do it yourself if you have an administrative console. Otherwise, Sabika can take care of maintaining your website. So you do not have to reprint large amounts of paper and redistribute it to your customers.

A growing customers

Today, it’s also easier to advertise to increase your visibility. Thanks to web referencing and various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can increase the traffic on your website.

Welcome to SABIKA

Nowadays, having a quality website is essential. A well-designed website is a great asset for business. Sabika is a fledgling company with a handful of people who came together to create their mark in the field of their expertise in Design & Production of Websites to meet the ever growing aspirations of Entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Website Design

The web design will be created according to the latest trends in web design and you can choose from several models or create a custom.


From programming the various static and dynamic elements to integrating more complex features, integrating with a content management …


The WordPress Content Management Platform is the best way for you to update the content on your website with ease.

Digital Marketing

More and more, people are relying on search engines like Google to find a business and there you are not there, that is to say that you do not exist.

why choose us?

Time Delivery

Collaborate with customers to support their goals and deliver projects on time and within their budget.


Sabika will be able to support your current site and continue the development of it. Specialized in PHP programming in WordPress, we are also available to work with different content managers.


Does your website require occasional or regular updates? Sabika will take the time to analyze your needs with you in order to find the solution that suits you best

our clients


Frequent changes or modifications of the content depending on the taste of the end users preference gives us edge over the others. Sabika’s user friendly and customized content management system gave us the control to change or update the content easily.


CEO, Wisdom Tutions

It was such a joy in working with them in finalizing our logo design to portray our corporate brand image through various merchandises, flyers, posters, business cards and letter heads is commendable.


CEO, Keeprising

Attention to details make a whole lot difference in these demanding times. Sabika’s expertise in development of the ideas to meet the evergrowing demands target clients is commendable.


CEO, The Strange Rock

Visualization of the complete website even before knowing what needs to be done for my taste is the major challenge at the inception. Sabika’s passionate group of enthusiastic designers were patient enough to understand my desires and tastes keeping in mind the latest trends in the designing.


CEO, The Lyrics Guru

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